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A customer came to us looking for a quicker way to repack apples after cold storage. Repacking box by box on turned over apple bins or other conventional methods costs more money, eating into your profit by taking more time and damaging more fruit . We designed the Repacker.


Becoming the standard in the fruit repacking process from start to finish, the Repacker gets the job done quicker and with less loss of fruit. The simple process consists of unboxing trays and placing them on the belt where our gentle method will strip the tray from the fruit and spread it over the 12 foot padded roller sorting table. After sorters remove any bad fruit, it then makes its way down to the transfer plate on to a new or reused tray and then reboxed ready for shipment. This can be used as a stand-alone, portable machine.

Tray Stripper


A more compact version of the Repacker known as the Tray Stripper. Still using our patented tray stripping method, this machine effeciently strips the tray from fruit but utilizes a shorter set of pre-sort rollers before transitioning to a cross belt to feed your existing equipement. Most common uses are to complete a box to bag process or to feed a sizer lane designated to repack.

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