We offer mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding.


Our shop is equipped with multiple mig welders, some dedicated to in house work and others geared toward completing projects in the field. We also have the ability to tig when the project calls for it.

Machine Work

Our in house machine shop gives us the capability of making custom parts in a timely manner. From fruit conveyer rolls, to brush hubs, shafts, and pins; we can take care of most of your machining needs.


Our machining equipment includes:

- Manual Lathe with 48" bed and 1-3/4" thru bore, capable of turning up to

10" diameter stock.

- CNC Lathe with 24" bed and 2" thru bore, capable of turning up to 8"

diamter stock.

- (2) Screw/Pin Turning Machines

- Manual Horizontal Mill usually set up for milling 1/8" to 1/2" keys in shafts

- Broach capable of keying 1/8" to 1/2" keys in hubs, sprockets, ect.



When making custom parts, our CNC Plasma Cutters provide a clean and professional touch to any project.  Our 5x10 Hypertherm High Defintiion Plasma Cutter gives great detail on thinner materials while our 5x10 PlasmaCam table is able to cut up to 3/4" thick material.

Custom Design

Custom Design and Engineering is nothing new to the fabricators at Nolan and Sons Northwest. Sometimes a job requires out of the box thinking to meet the desired goal. Come to us with your idea and we can help you put it in to motion, whether you just need to brainstorm or want complete and accurate blue prints drawn up for your upcoming project. Our draftsman and fabrication team have you covered.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Forming sheet metal adds strength as well as a more finished look to a part. Intricate sheet metal parts can require more advanced forming processes but with our experienced fabricators, we can produce parts in a timely manner.


Our sheet metal forming equipment includes:

- CNC 110 Ton Press Brake with 10 foot bed

- Manual 200 Ton Press Brake with 12 foot bed

- Manual 60 Ton Press Brake with 6 foot bed