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New Equipment

As a manufacturing shop new equipment is our specialty. We can build products to fit customer’s specific needs to their exact specification. Nolans is all about helping our customers improve the efficiency and cost of packing. 

Our Services.

From welding in house or in the field, to custom sheetmetal fabrication and machine work - Nolans has you covered with our many available services.

Our Solution.

A customer came to us looking for a quicker way to repack apples after cold storage.

Repacking box by box on turned over apple bins or other conventional methods costs more money, eating into your profit by taking more time and damaging more fruit .


We designed the Repacker.

Bin Filler
Bin Filler
Stainless Steel Restacker
Bin Slide
Stainless Steel Corner
Dinosaur Tray Fills
Tray Stripper
Brusher Bed
Packing Stands
Plasma Cutting

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